Data driven modelling of cables and hoses

Elena Celledoni

I have now for many years been working on methods for solving differential equations in a computer. Differential equations are important because they encode the laws of physics. My interest is in the field of structure preserving numerical methods and geometric numerical integration. These are methods designed to respect fundamental properties of the solution under computer approximation e.g. preserve important invariants. I am interested in applications of these methods to mechanical systems in general and to slender, flexible structures in particular because they can make important qualitative difference in computer simulations. I believe the research collaboration of mathematicians and engineers in the THREAD consortium can lead to significant advances in the technology of slender flexible structures.

Andrea Leone

Novel practical numerical methods for mechanical problems on Lie groups and manifolds and their implementation

Brynjulf Owren

THREAD is a great opportunity for me as a mathematician to work with the strong team of experts taking part in the consortium.
I am interested in numerical methods that preserve geometric properties, frequently found in models in mechanical engineering.
It is also a great privilege for me to supervise and interact with a large group of PhD students who are specialising in several different but related areas central to the THREAD project.

Ergys Çokaj