Second annual meeting in Seville

Presentation of research results and discussion

From 5th to 7th October, the second annual meeting of THREAD took place in the beautiful city of Seville, hosted at the facilities of the University of Seville (USE). During this time, each ESR presented...


Annual meeting of THREAD in Seville

In less than two weeks, from 5 to 7 October, the THREAD consortium will meet in beautiful Seville for the second annual meeting, organised by the University of Seville.

We will discuss not only the progress we have made so...


NUMDIFF-16: Conference on Numerical Solution of Differential and Differential-Algebraic Equations

From the 6th to the 10th of September, the city of Halle (Saale) in Germany hosted the NUMDIFF-16 conference. During the week, 14 plenary lectures were held, including one from Prof. B. Owren, a PI of THREAD from NTNU, who presented a plenary lecture on "Deep learning...

IPS logo

Davide’s secondment to the home of industrial IPS Cable Simulation software

From the beginning of May to the end of July, I had the chance to complete my industrial secondment at IPS AB, in Göteborg, Sweden. After having to reschedule due to the pandemic situation, I was very happy to finally proceed with such an important...

modes pendule poutre

Marielle completes a two-month secondment to industry

In the spring of 2021, I was fortunate enough to be able to "officially" start my secondment with ENSAM’s industrial partner VALEO. The situation was made a bit more complicated due to the work-from-home mandate, but I was able to collaborate with the team of scientists at...


Denise’s and Jan’s secondment in Innsbruck: June / July 2021

Working at the University of Innsbruck has been a wonderful experience. The great team of mechatronics has welcomed us as part of the group since the beginning. During the days at the university, we were able to learn not only from Prof. Gerstmayr and ESR 8 Konstantina...


Network wide training on Communication, Knowledge transfer and Gender awareness

A three-day Network wide training programme on Communication, Knowledge transfer and Gender awareness was held at the University of Ljubljana between 30th June and 2nd July. Although the training was held as a hybrid event, most of the ESRs were able to attend it on-site which made...

Working at LTD FAU

Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) hosts two secondments

Our 1-month secondment at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) was a wonderful experience. We learned a lot from everybody at the Chair of Applied Dynamics. Working on discrete mechanics of beams was very useful for our individual projects in THREAD and all the discussions we had with the scientific staff at FAU were very...

Logo University Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana organises courses on Communication and Outreach and on Gender awareness

The majority of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will attend the courses on Communication and Outreach (nwt 10b, June 30 - July 1, 2021) and on Gender awareness and Minorities (nwt 11, July 2, 2021) in presence. Both courses are organised by the THREAD team at


Two Young Researchers Minisymposia at NUMDIFF-16

THREAD ESRs will contribute two Young Researchers Minisymposia to the scientific programme of an international conference on the numerical solution of differential and differential-algebraic equations (NUMDIFF-16) in September 2021.

The first one with up to seven talks will...


New series of industrial secondments launched in May 2021

At the heart of THREAD’s comprehensive secondment programme are the industrial secondments with a length of three months. They are of high importance to fulfill the main objective of THREAD which is interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral training.

The series of 14 individual...


Virtual event at Mevea Ltd. on Digital twins in engineering education

According to Wikipedia, digital twins are virtual representations that serve as the real-time digital counterpart of physical objects or processes. In engineering, they help to get deeper knowledge on existing systems and products and to predict and to optimise the performance of future products.


Industrial workshop of PRINCIPIA SAS on modelling of offshore wind turbines

The industrial workshop of PRINCIPIA SAS, on modelling of offshore wind turbines, was held online on April 15-16, 2021. This workshop was organized by CentraleSupélec and PRINCIPIA SAS.

PRINCIPIA is an engineering company specialized in oil & gas engineering, marine renewables...

nwt 7

Report from Liège: Online course on Textile engineering and Cable harnesses

Here we come to a successful end of the advanced research nwt 7 "Textile engineering and Cable harnesses" program from March 29, 2021 to March 31, 2021 hosted by the Université de Liège along with the industrial partners GDTech and Centexbel.


Two-day workshop on modelling of offshore wind turbines

On April 15 and 16, an Industrial Workshop with THREAD's partner Principia SAS will be held.


Future Leaders

It is the 25th of March, a new training with my international colleagues begins! These courses are the perfect occasion to know each other better, even if we are far away. The training is different from many of the previous ones. It talks about the future of...


Mug and bag with Halle University lion for Leone

Two online courses in a row, no joint coffee breaks, no small talk … but goodie bags from MLU's Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office that were sent by parcel to all our ESRs. Not all of them arrived in time for unboxing at the closing session of nwt...


End of March 2021: Two online courses combined in one week

THREAD’s network wide training programme is continued by online courses on Research ethics, Research valorisation and Entrepreneurship (nwt 12 on March 25, 26 and 27) and Textile engineering and Cable harnesses (nwt 7 on March 29, 30 and 31).


Davide Murari (NTNU) attended MaGIC 2021 at Ilsetra, Øyer, Norway

The network wide training nwt 9, Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia (MaGIC), took place during the first week of March 2021. Unfortunately, for most people it was not possible to join it in Norway, but it still was a very interesting training. Throughout the 3 days of...

MaGIC 2021

MaGIC moments

The Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia (MaGIC 2021) started at Ilsetra, Øyer, Norway as a hybrid physical and digital event with contributions by 8 ESRs from the THREAD consortium.

LEITNER workshop

Toni Jelušić’s report on the workshop dealing with ropeway systems

On February 25 & 26, 2021 the members of the THREAD network participated in an online workshop dealing with ropeway systems: “THREAD Industrial workshop with Leitner”. The event was organized by the University of Innsbruck and the company Leitner.

Leitner is...


Two-day workshop on current questions in ropeway systems

THREAD's next Industrial Workshop is held on February 25th and 26th. The online workshop is organised by teams from the University of Innsbruck and LEITNER.

We are very grateful to the the employees of company LEITNER and its partners...


Jan completed his industrial secondment at SPACE-SI, Ljubljana

I was looking forward to the secondment at SPACE-SI from the start of the project. They are breaking new ground in Slovenia and elsewhere with their space application technology. I saw this as an opportunity to learn a lot about the specifics of this field but also...


Andrea Leone (ESR 4) and Ergys Çokaj (ESR 5) report on nwt 6

The advanced research network wide training 6 “Geometric numerical integration and Lie group integrators” organized by our host institution, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), from 1st to 9th February, has been successfully completed.

It was a fully digital event...


Save the date: Industrial Workshop with LEITNER ropeways at the end of February

THREAD‘s industrial workshop with LEITNER ropeways will be held on February 25-26, 2021. Due to the pandemic, it will be fully online and the organisers will do their best to provide insights into ropeway systems.

Talks by LEITNER on the first...


MaGIC 2021: Workshop on Manifolds and Geometric integration goes online

The annual informal workshop, Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia (MaGIC) is organized by the Numerical Analysis groups in Bergen and Trondheim. This year MaGIC will be organised in a hybrid digital / physical setting in the week March 1 to 5, 2021. Due to recent travel restrictions...

nwt6 webpage at NTNU

nwt6 starting soon

On Monday, February 1st the online course on Geometric integration and Lie group methods (nwt6) will start at NTNU.

The local website is now online.

It is still under construction...

NTNU, Trondheim (Norway)

THREAD is ECMI’s featured project of January 21st

The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) selected THREAD as its featured project on Thursday, January 21st.

Andrea and Ergys presented their ESR projects in ECMI’s blog.

Sophus Lie

nwt 6 as online course at NTNU in February

The next network-wide training will be organised by NTNU in Trondheim as an online event from 1 to 9 February 2021.

The participants will learn about geometric integration (Elena Celledoni, NTNU) and Lie group integration (Brynjulf Owren, NTNU) with lectures in...

nwt group photo online meeting

Davide Manfredo (ESR 11) reports on nwt 2

The core research training nwt 2 “Virtual product development with interactive simulation of flexible structures” has come to an end and we all had a great experience.

The training started with an introduction to the IPS product portfolio, with a general...


Croatian THREAD partners listed at Net4Mobility+

THREAD has been included by Net4Mobility+ as a successful example of an MSCA project partly conducted in widening countries. Net4Mobility+ stands for facilitating transnational cooperation among the National Contact Points (NCP) in Horizon 2020: https://www.net4mobilityplus.eu/widening-countries-success-stories.


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nwt 2 in December

The next network-wide training will be organised by Fraunhofer ITWM as an online event from 7 to 11 December 2020.

The participants will learn about cutting-edge CAE technology used in industry in early product design phases and gain insights how simulation...

nwt 1 part 2 1

Narges in Lille – nwt 1 part 2

Narges Mohammadi (ESR 7) went to Lille for her first on-site network-wide training. This is what she experienced:

"nwt 1 part 2 was a different course for me since it was my first on-site nwt and my first in-person meeting...

industrial workshop flexstructures 2

Industrial workshop with fleXstructures

"After THREAD’s Annual Meeting and Mid-term Check, we took part in our first industrial workshop organized by fleXstructures GmbH at Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern. Mr. Daniel Dengel, application engineer of the company, showed us their activities and collaborations with other industries all around the world and the...

annual meeting group photo screenshot

First annual meeting and mid-term check meeting

From 19 to 22 October, the consortium met for our first annual meeting, combined with the mid-term check meeting but, due to the pandemic, only four ESRs, three PIs and the management team were able to meet at Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern, Germany in person. Everyone else...

Secondment ESR8 3

Konstantina’s secondment in Rijeka

In the middle of September my secondment in Croatia started. I spent a month in the University of Rijeka. I tried to gain the most out of my experience working in an inspiring environment and being surrounded by researchers working on state-of-the-art finite element techniques on non-linear...

science festival rijeka

Science festival in Rijeka spreads the passion for science through culture

The science festival in Rijeka is an annual event in Rijeka that tries to bring science closer to the general public. Usually it consists of lectures delivered by the volunteering researchers and professors all around the city of Rijeka and beyond. This year however, we were confined...

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THREAD’s first annual meeting and mid-term check meeting

We're happy to be the guests at Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany for our first annual meeting which will take place between 19 and 22 October 2020.

On the second day, we will have the mid-term check meeting. Our project officer...

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nwt 1 part 2 in October

The first part of nwt 1 took place in summer and due to the pandemic as a pure online event. The second part will now take place from 26-28 October 2020 at Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, Lille, France. A live video stream will be available...

nwt5 lecture

nwt 5: Summer school on ropes and cables was a complete success

The objective of the nwt 5 has been to train participants on the advanced simulation of ropes and cables. The contents included the absolute nodal coordinate formulation, ALE formulation, geometrically exact beams, and the efficient computer implementation, specifically with regards to open source simulation codes. Additionally, the...

group picture nwt5

nwt 5: A guest’s perspective

Stefan Hante, a PhD student from Martin Luther University Halle, took part as an external participant in nwt 5 and shares his experience of the week in Austria.

"The network wide training nwt5 took place in the first week of September...

ECMI Annual Report 2019

THREAD in ECMI’s Annual Report

The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) presented THREAD in its annual report.

Highly flexible slender structures like yarns, cables, hoses or ropes are essential parts of high-performance engineering systems. The complex response of such structures in real operational...

Secondment Denise ITWM 1

Denise’s secondment at Fraunhofer ITWM

I spent the 3rd month of my Ph.D. project in Kaiserslautern. My experience there was amazing, and I learned so much during the four weeks I stayed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM. During this secondment, I had the opportunity to learn about a different...

Logo Fraunhofer ITWM

Secondment of ESR 1 / nwt 1 – Press Release ITWM

Guest Scientist at Fraunhofer ITWM and Virtual Network-wide Training Promote Scientific Exchange

International networks enrich the scientific exchange. Within the framework of the European Union's THREAD doctoral program, this is currently lived out twice at the Fraunhofer ITWM: In July,...

nwt 10 participants

Learning about scientific writing and communication skills – nwt 10 part 1

The first part of nwt 10, organised by Prof. Dejan Zupan of the University of Ljubljana, took place online this week.

With a lot of practical exercises, the ESRs learned methods and instruments to write good scientific texts and to present...

nwt1 participants 1

Successful first network-wide training – nwt 1 part 1

This week, the first part of the first network-wide training took place. Our ESRs joined the lectures and practical exercises on non-linear beam theory and flexible multibody dynamics online.


nwt 5 in September

The first on-site network-wide training will take place from 1 September to 5 September 2020 in Obergurgl, Austria. It is organised by Prof. Johannes Gerstmayr from the University of Innsbruck.

The ESRs will hear lectures from Prof. José Escalona, Prof. Olivier...

icon announcement

Network-wide training (nwt) starts online

Despite the current pandemic, the training activities in THREAD will start soon.

Our ESRs will be able to learn about non-linear beam theory, taught by the team of Professor Sigrid Leyendecker, and flexible multibody dynamics, taught by Professor José Escalona, in...

Logo Fraunhofer ITWM

Start of Davide Manfredo – Press release ITWM

EU-Doktorandenprogramm mit besonderen Herausforderungen

Am 1. April 2020 hätte Davide Manfredo seine Doktorandenstelle beim Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern antreten sollen. Er ist Teilnehmer eines ganz besonderen Programmes, in dem die EU europaweit 14 Promotionsstellen für drei Jahre fördert: »THREAD...

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More ESRs join the network

01/04/2020 Rijeka, Croatia / Kaiserlautern, Germany

On 1 April, two new doctoral students joined THREAD: Jan Tomec in the group of Professor Gordan Jelenić at the University of Rijeka and Davide Manfredo at Fraunhofer ITWM under the supervision of Dr. Joachim Linn.

Meeting in Rijeka

THREAD welcomes the first Early Stage Researchers

12/03/2020, Rijeka, Croatia

A local meeting of THREAD partners was planned for today at the University of Rijeka, Croatia. Because of current travel restrictions due to COVID-19 / Corona virus, Dr. Tomaž Šuštar (Principal investigator at C3M d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia) and...

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Project Start – Article at „La Voce“

Satelliti spaziali
Fiume sale in orbita

La Facoltà di Edilizia fa parte del progetto ETN, una rete europea che si pone l’obiettivo di formare una nuova generazione di ricercatori. Ne abbiamo parlato con il docente Gordan Jelenić


Project Start – Press Release ENSAM


Lever des verrous technologiques concernant les « structures élancées » de systèmes industriels complexes tout en participant à la formation de doctorants, tels sont les deux principaux objectifs du projet européen THREAD, auquel participent les...

Logo University Innsbruck

Project Start – Press Release UIBK

Aus­­bildungs­­netz­­werk THREAD mit Inns­­bru­cker Be­­tei­li­gung

Ende Oktober fand das Kick-off Meeting zu THREAD statt, einem innovativen Ausbildungsnetzwerk (ITN) für Doktoranden mit Fokus auf anwendungsorientierte Forschung. Mit 3,6 Mio. Euro fördert die Europäische Union in den kommenden vier Jahren 14 Promotionsstellen....

THREAD project start

Kick-Off-Meeting 2019

24/10/2019, 09:00 – 25/10/2019, 14:00

Logo University Rijeka

Project Start – Press Release URFCE

Riječki će doktoranti analizirati satelitske antene prilikom lansiranja u orbitu

Riječani će se baviti nelinearnom statičkom i dinamičkom analizom ponašanja satelitskih antena za vrijeme lansiranja, kada su izložene ekstremnom inercijalnom opterećenju i visokofrekventnim vibracijama

Logo Fraunhofer ITWM

Project Start – Press Release ITWM

THREAD – neuartiges Doktorandenprogramm der Europäischen Union

Am 24. Oktober findet in Halle/Saale das Kick-off Meeting zum EU-Projekt THREAD statt, einem neuartigen Doktorandenprogramm mit Fokus auf der direkten Anwendung neuer Forschung in der industriellen Praxis. Mit 3,6 Mio € fördert...

Logo University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Project Start – Press Release FAU

Improved simulation using digital twins

Prestigious EU funding: FAU involved in international doctoral network
FAU is involved in a new European training network for doctoral researchers. The 14 research projects focus on the question of how to improve modelling and...

Logo University Halle

Project Start – Press Release MLU

High-level EU funding: MLU receives grant for an international PhD-network

The Institute of Mathematics at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) is to coordinate a new European Training Network (ETN) for doctoral students. The 14 research projects will examine how...