Ali defends his PhD thesis

POSTED: 2 February 2024

On Friday 9th of February, at 10 am, Mohammad Ali Saadat, THREAD's ESR 6 (CS), will defend his PhD thesis Efficient simulation of bending behavior of spiral strands: a strategy based on computational homogenization in SD.206 at Bouygues building, CentraleSupélec, 9 Rue Joliot Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette. His fellow ESRs from the THREAD project plan to follow the defence online at MS Teams.

At CentraleSupélec, Ali was supervised by Damien Durville and studied modelling and simulation techniques for spiral strands, i.e., for multilayer cables in which each layer consists of helically shaped wires that exhibit axial-torsional and axial-bending coupling. The main objective of his thesis has been to develop low-cost estimators for both the macroscopic (moment-curvature) and microscopic (axial force of individual wires) responses of these strands. For this purpose, the in-house finite element code, Multifil, has been verified against experimental data.

Ali developed a computational homogenization framework for spiral strands and verified it with the results obtained from Multifil. He presented his results at international conferences like ECCOMAS Congress 2022 and HFSS 2023 Conference on Highly Flexible Slender Structures and published his results in leading international journals like Computers & Structures. At Math meets Industry 2022 conference in Trondheim, he won a prize for one of the two best research talks.

Good luck for your defence, Ali.