Narges in Lille – nwt 1 part 2

POSTED: 28 October 2020

nwt 1 part 2 1

Narges Mohammadi (ESR 7) went to Lille for her first on-site network-wide training. This is what she experienced:

"nwt 1 part 2 was a different course for me since it was my first on-site nwt and my first in-person meeting with other THREAD members. I was the only external ESR in this nwt but I am happy that I took the opportunity to be familiar with other on-site members as well as enjoying the in-person training. Regarding the content of the nwt, Prof. Olivier Thomas shared many pieces of his valuable experience with us. Although not all topics may be relevant to each ESR’s project, I think they are very fundamental topics that, in the future, everyone may encounter. I personally enjoyed learning many concepts regarding the characteristics of dynamical systems and their equations. Moreover, I am so happy that I could obtain some knowledge of modal expansion and reduced-order modeling, which can also assist me in my own project. One of the interesting sides of this course was providing papers and reference books related to each part. Besides, the exercise part helped me to understand some topics that I could not get during the lecture. During our mealtime, we had the chance to speak about our life as an early-stage researcher and our progress in our project. We also spent a night out in a restaurant and also visited the Piscine museum. On the last day, I visited the university and the dynamic and robotic lab, which was really fascinating for me, a technical university with lovely historical buildings."