Narges went to Lappeenranta for an industrial secondment at MEVEA Ltd.

POSTED: 7 November 2022

As an important part of the THREAD project, I started my three months industrial secondment in July 2022 at MEVEA in Lappeenranta, Finland. This secondment was a good part of my study since I was able to advance my work at the same time enjoying my life in the north of Europe.

During my stay, I aimed to show the real application of my research in the industry by trying to incorporate the Arbitrary Eulerian Lagrangian (ALE) code for the wire-ropes into their multi-body software to simulate mobile harbour cranes. In order to do so, I started to learn about co-simulation programming. Using guidance from my supervisors at MEVEA, Pasi Korkealaakso and Asko Rouvinen, I was able to make an interface between my code and their software, showing the efficiency of the wire-rope code.

Moreover, during my stay, I learned about the real-time simulation, which was an important topic for the company. Then, I started to use Mex files in my code to enhance the efficiency to achieve the real-time simulation. Participating in the weekly company meetings was another activity that helped me to learn more about the industry.

Northern light in Lappeenranta, Finland

Besides the scientific part, I also enjoyed companying with international and local people in Lappeenranta. They were very welcoming and kind that made me have a great and happy time there.

At the end, I am glad that I had this chance to spent three months of the summer and autumn seasons in a nice place. I would also appreciate the supervision from my supervisors at MEVEA that helped me to advance my work.

contributed by Narges Mohammadi (ESR 7)