Working on subsea systems with TechnipFMC: Andrea’s and Ergys’s industrial secondment

POSTED: 5 April 2023

Our industrial secondment has just come to an end, and it really feels that time has flown by! TechnipFMC (TFMC) is a global leader in oil and gas engineering, and we had the chance to join the Structural Analysis Engineering (SAE) group, led by Per Thomas Moe.

In general, we worked on projects related to the analysis of sensor data from offshore operations. We dealt with two main tasks, that might be considered respectively a short and a long-term project.

The objective of the first task is to find a way for detecting when the well of a drilling rig has a crack. This project is related to anomaly detection and time series analysis, and we investigated the use of both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques.

The other project is about studies of structural fatigue and consists of using geometrically exact rod theory to model a marine riser, to better predict fatigue on the wellhead.

It has been an exciting experience to work on these topics and we will keep collaborating on them with the SAE department, in particular with the industrial PhD student Halvor S. Gustad (NTNU and TFMC), in the coming months.

During this period, we had the chance to visit Oslo and its beautiful surroundings.

Various team building activities were organized by our colleagues at TechnipFMC and we would like to thank all of them for the great time we spent there.

contributed by Andrea Leone (ESR 4) and Ergys Çokaj (ESR 5)