Davide completes his personal secondment programme

POSTED: 27 February 2023

My last secondment, which took place at MLU in Halle, has come to an end. During the month of February, I was able to work on one hand on the 2D and 3D implementation of a staggered grid Cosserat rod model, and on the other hand on the inclusion of an inelastic constitutive law in such kinematical formulations. 

Working at MLU has been very fruitful, because I had many interesting discussions with Prof. Martin Arnold, ESR 1 Denise Tumiotto and other colleagues regarding my work and my research. Not only I have been able to receive useful advice, but I have also been able to test my implementations with a code already existing at MLU. Moreover, I realised once again how many new aspects we get to notice for the first time just by explaining our ideas and approaches to others!

In the weekends, I managed to visit not only Halle, but also its nice surroundings, like Leipzig and the beautiful Spreewald.

contributed by Davide Manfredo (ESR 11)