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ESR 11:
Davide Manfredo

Host Institution
Fraunhofer ITWM (Germany)


The ESR will develop more complex, inelastic – i.e. viscoplastic, or frequency dependent viscoelastic – constitutive models, formulated on the level of sectional quantities and thus improve the state of the art in Cosserat rod theory in industrial applications. On the basis of properly devised experiments, such models will be formulated and parameters will be identified. The interpretation of the results of experiments conducted by ESR11 in the lab at ITWM is complemented by virtual experiments, utilising the codes developed by ESRs of work package 1. The ESR will investigate the numerical aspects related to the necessary extension of the discrete Cosserat rod model and its efficient implementation in close cooperation with ESR1.

Expected Results

(a) Test rig experiments and virtual experiments will provide the basis for the development of a model based identification of effective constitutive properties of cables and hoses. (b) The resulting effective constitutive models, formulated on the level of sectional quantities, will be utilized for an enhancement of the discrete Cosserat rod model developed at ITWM. (c) The enhanced rod model will be applied for further simulation based investigations of inelastic effects appearing in practically relevant use case examples, which will be supplied by the supporting partners fleXstructures GmbH and Industrial Path Solutions Sweden AB of THREAD.