Davide’s secondment to the home of industrial IPS Cable Simulation software

POSTED: 30 August 2021

From the beginning of May to the end of July, I had the chance to complete my industrial secondment at IPS AB, in Göteborg, Sweden. After having to reschedule due to the pandemic situation, I was very happy to finally proceed with such an important step of my project.

At first, I was able to further familiarize with different capabilities of the IPS software, and then to apply what I learned in a real work case. It was very interesting to work on a case provided by the Ergonomics department of Volvo Cars, since I was able to define a simulation model of a segment of the assembly production line, discuss about it with colleagues in IPS AB and with Engineers at Volvo and validate results during a visit of the Volvo Cars premises and laboratories.

It was very illuminating to see how the relationship between industrial customers and a software developing company works, and to notice the difference in the difficulties that arise in the solution of a problem depending on the points of view.

Part of my secondment was also dedicated on modelling the flexible part of a car starting from its CAD geometry.

This experience was also very useful since I could discuss aspects concerning the Cosserat rod implementation with experts who work on the implementation of the IPS software, and observing their approach and point of view was undoubtedly a great chance. Overall, this secondment allowed me to work on real cases and learn more on how R&D engineers approach practical problems.

Contributed by Davide Manfredo (ESR 11)