Objectivity issue of 3D geometrically exact beam model: Ali’s secondment at PRINCIPIA

POSTED: 15 December 2022

My three-month secondment, which was spanned over six months, unofficially started at the beginning of my PhD, after multiple discussions we had with the industrial partner of the project, PRINCIPIA. Through these discussions, I became familiar with DeepLinesTM, the software developed by PRINCIPIA to model offshore wind turbines and mooring lines.

During my secondment, I became familiar with different aspects of the simulation of slender structures and various difficulties that could arise if one wants to employ 3D geometrically exact beam elements. In this regard, we were primarily focusing on objectivity issues. The opportunity to discuss with the two minds behind DeepLinesTM, Jean-Michel Heurtier and Cedric Le Cunff, is the best memory of my secondment.

I had the opportunity to spend time at PRINCIPIA's headquarters in La Ciotat, France. Nature and the city were lovely. Wandering around in the city was a satisfying experience.

Like many THREAD activities we have had so far, the secondments are unique opportunities that contribute significantly to shaping our professional career after PhD.

contributed by Mohammad Ali Saadat (ESR 6)