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ESR 6:
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Host Institution
Centrale Supélec (France)


Taking into account frictional contact interactions between wires by means of a dedicated finite element simulation approach, the ESR will characterise the complex constitutive behaviour of multi-wire cables.

Expected Results

The study is aimed at determining nonlinear relationships between resultant quantities which are governed by internal mechanisms within cables. The nonlinear couplings between loadings in different directions due to internal frictional interactions will be explored and enlightened. Hysteretic effects within multi-wire cables are expected to be characterised by this approach. The characterisation of these dissipative effects is of first importance for the prediction of damage occurrence in cables used in various industrial applications.


planned at Principia (industrial partner)

associated with the Industrial Challenges

IC 3 Automotive engineering I
IC 7 Offshore engineering
IC 9 Software development