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ESR 12:
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Host Institution
Centre for Computational Continuum Mechanics (Slovenia)
Tomaž Šuštar


ESR will focus on nonlinear material models and their implementation in nonlinear dynamics within numerical analyses of deployable beam structures for space applications. The ESR will be trained to apply modern techniques for automatic differentiation in development of constitutive material models using symbolic approach that allows to derive accurate and efficient finite element (FE) routines including sensitivities with respect to the wide range of model parameters.

Expected Results

The results will have an impact on a wide variety of advanced space missions utilising deployable precision pointing antennas, solar sails, slender mechanisms for space debris removal and other deployable structures which must be compactly packaged for the limited size of launch vehicles and then expanded automatically in orbit. An optimal design of deployable structures is obtained from appropriate numerical models that assess the dynamic responses to vibrational loads during launch as well as their mechanical behaviour in space and the large geometric transformations.


planned at University of Rijeka, Faculty of Civil Engineering

associated with the Industrial Challenges

IC 5 Aerospace engineering
IC 9 Software development