ESR 9:
Stable long-term numerical integration of the Cosserat rod problem in large overall motion


The ESR will work on mechanical analysis of satellite aerials during the rocket-launch phase, when they are exposed to extreme inertial loading and high-frequency vibration and impacts in a compact confinement within a rocket. The design requirement is that the satellite should occupy as little space within the rocket as possible, yet still be able to allow the aerials to deploy without permanent deformation or damage upon satellite ejection from the rocket into the orbit. The simulation will be performed using 1D Cosserat continuum (geometrically exact beam theory) and non-linear finite-element analysis in both statics and dynamics within which various interpolation options will be investigated for accuracy and robustness. In addition, a number of time-stepping schemes will be devised, which shall respect geometry of the problem configuration space and preserve mechanical constants of motion. The work will be supported by an industrial partner in space technologies.

Expected Results

The project is expected to result in higher-order spatial interpolation of displacements and rotations parametrised to provide objective solutions on the non-linear problem manifold. Conservative time-integration techniques devised on different non-linear manifolds will be assessed and generalised to account for unilateral constraints. A test rig will be designed and employed to provide experimental validation.

Current Activities

Job offer (expired)

Host Institution

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Chair of Engineering Mechanics