Science festival in Rijeka spreads the passion for science through culture

POSTED: 15 October 2020

science festival rijeka

The science festival in Rijeka is an annual event in Rijeka that tries to bring science closer to the general public. Usually it consists of lectures delivered by the volunteering researchers and professors all around the city of Rijeka and beyond. This year however, we were confined to the more (or less) comfortable chairs of our homes and offices to follow the events virtually. Each year the organizers choose a general theme to the festival and this year it was culture and culture in science. THREAD contributed with a lecture from Jan Tomec and Konstantina Ntarladima on the first day of the festival, Monday, 12 October 2020. They were not only speaking about their own research but also generally about the project THREAD and how it connects people from all over the world to collaborate.

To watch the full presentation, please click here.