Simulations and experiments: Amol’s secondments with ITWM and CS

POSTED: 25 April 2023

In February, Amol visited ITWM in Kaiserslautern to work with the local team. He was introduced to the IPS Cable Simulation software and developed an ODIN simulation code framework for torsion tests which can be used for basic torsion tests as well as basis for further testing. Unfortunately, a Covid-19 infection struck him so he wasn't able to complete his experimental work with the MeSOMICS machine but this will be done in future small visits to ITWM.

Later, in April, Amol went to CentraleSupélec to work with Mohammad Ali Saadat and PI Damien Durville. There, he was introduced and trained in the Multifil simulation code and simulated geometrically non-linear bending and torsion of wire bundles using this code to observe the effects due to contact phenomena and friction between the wires. He also performed simulations to mimic the experiments performed using MeSOMICS at ITWM.