Martina visits Norway for her secondment at NTNU

POSTED: 4 October 2022

My last secondment took place in Trondheim, Norway. Many people were involved in the collaboration NTNU-FAU, i.e. Elena Celledoni, Andrea Leone, Brynjulf Owren, Ergys Çokay and Davide Murari. We organized often meetings with Sigrid Leyendecker to discuss about our main goal: simulating beam mechanics in the framework of Neural Networks. It was interesting to see what machine learning can do, and how we could use this powerful tool in simulation of endoscopes modelled as beam-like objects.

Their office is placed at the 13th floor of the university building and the panoramic view on the city was just breathtaking. The weather was surprisingly amazing, giving us many sunny days, Northern lights, and of course, some rain only to make me live the real Norwegian touch! We enjoyed these weeks as much as we could. Ergys, Andrea and I went to hike in the surroundings, took a ferry to visit the fjord, visited many museums, had the typical sauna at the sea side, and joined many events in the Trondheim Culture Night. I am glad I could have this opportunity to explore Norway and work with such tight-knit group.

contributed by Martina Stavole (ESR 10)