ESR 10:
Variational modelling and simulation of complex beams and their optimization


The ESR faces the challenging research question of the development of a variational formulation of the interaction of beam with a layered cross-section structure with a surrounding that strongly limits its deformation. Based on multi-material cross-section models, the structure is to be optimised with respect to its mechanical properties. A structure preserving space time discretisation guarantees a realistic simulation respecting the geometrical properties of the system.

Expected Results

The proposed methods (including adaptivity techniques) enable an efficient and structure preserving simulation of beams in cases relevant for medical device operation. Effective cross-section properties are obtained from multi-material layered models and also characterised experimentally. Application in the simulation of medical device operation leads to a deepened understanding and eventually to an optimisation of the device and the process.

Current Activities

Job offer (expired)

Host Institution

Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Chair of Applied Dynamics