August in Liège

POSTED: 1 September 2022

Endoscopes are medical devices used to view and operate on the internal organs and vessels. In the bigger prospection of simulating these devices during operation, the importance of modelling the contact between the endoscope and the human body is clear.

This was the main reason of my secondment at the Université de Liège where I collaborated with Olivier Brüls (PI), Indrajeet Patil (ESR 2) and Armin Bosten (PhD student at ULG and ITWM Fraunhofer), experts on beam contact. During the workdays not only we worked together on the problem and its implementation through several meetings and spontaneous discussions, but also we shared lunch breaks in the garden under a surprisingly warm sun. I am satisfied of the achievements reached during this period. Also, I loved travelling during weekends and visiting places like Bruges, Brussels, Ostend and the North Sea. As always, the secondment period is a great experience, challenging and inspiring.

contributed by Martina Stavole (ESR 10)