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ESR 2:
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Host Institution
University of Liège (Belgium)


Development and analysis of local frame methods for the simulation of textile manufacturing processes: modelling of continuous 1D yarn and cable structures with geometric nonlinearities, representation of contact conditions based on the non-smooth contact dynamics approach, numerical discretisation methods in space and time using Lie group interpolation and efficient solution algorithms for non-smooth flexible multibody systems on Lie groups.

Expected Results

ESR2 will establish a finite element formulation for cables and rods with contact based on the local frame approach. Besides theoretical investigations, the method will be implemented in the finite element simulation code Oofelie jointly developed by ULG and GDTECH and will be applied to model the textile braiding process. The simulation should allow to predict the influence of some key parameters of the braiding machine on the final product layout. ESR2 will also benefit from close interactions with ESR3 for the development of the modelling and simulation tool.


planned at GDtech (industrial partner), Centre scientifique et technique de l’industrie textile belge (partner organisation), Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

associated with the Industrial Challenges

IC 1 Textile engineering
IC 9 Software development