Research secondments boost scientific cooperation in the THREAD network

POSTED: 23 January 2022

Year 2022 starts with a series of research secondments within the network.

In a few days, Narges (THREAD's ESR 7 from Seville) will go for one month to the University of Innsbruck. Afterwards, the MaGIC 2022 Colloquium on Manifolds and Geometric Integration in Ilsetra (Norway) will be the next highlight at network level.

In March, the THREAD team at University of Liège welcomes Andrea (ESR 4 at Trondheim) and Jan (ESR 9 at Rijeka) for joint work on constitutive laws and on deployable structures. At the same time, Ergys (ESR 5 at Trondheim) and Konstantina (ESR 8 at Innsbruck) plan to go to Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg for research on error estimates on Riemannian manifolds and efficient numerical evaluation of contact conditions. Later, Indrajeet (ESR 2 at Liège) will join the THREAD team in Halle as well to work on non-smooth contact dynamics.

In the weeks before and after the one-week Course on Experimental Data Acquisition (network-wide training event nwt3), Fraunhofer ITWM at Kaiserslautern will host research secondments of Martina (ESR 10 at Erlangen), Andrea (ESR 4 at Trondheim) and Sudhanva (ESR 14 at Ljubljana) with focus on test rig experiments. Finally, Indrajeet (ESR 2 at Liège) plans to go to Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg in May 2022 to study a discrete mechanics framework for beam modelling.

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