Warming up for THREAD’s Final conference

POSTED: 25 July 2023

In about two months, the THREAD network will meet for its final conference HFSS 2023 in Rijeka.

Time to warm-up at the 11th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics in Lisbon. Five Early Stage Researchers of the THREAD network report on their work being supported by another two ESRs as co-authors of their work:

  • Davide Manfredo; Mohammad Ali Saadat; Vanessa Dörlich; Damien Durville; Joachim Linn; Martin Arnold: Modelling the inelastic constitutive behaviour of multi-layer spiral strands: comparison of hysteresis operator approach to rheological model
  • Konstantina Ntarladima; Johannes Gerstmayr: A multibody approach for the simulation of ropeway systems
  • Indrajeet Patil; Alejandro Cosimo; Armin Bosten; Olivier Brüls: A beam-to-rigid body frictional contact formulation: application to yarn-mandrel interactions
  • Martina Stavole; Rodrigo T. Sato Martín de Almagro; Vanessa Dörlich; Sigrid Leyendecker: Homogenised stiffness coefficients of unloaded endoscope shafts
  • Denise Tumiotto; Ergys Çokaj; Elena Celledoni; Brynjulf Owren; Martin Arnold: Nonlinear stability of Lie group integrators

At this ECCOMAS Thematic Conference, three of the four plenary lectures are given by THREAD PIs:

  • José L. Escalona: Railway multibody dynamics: modeling advances and industrial applications
  • Johannes Gerstmayr: Computational methods and implementation for flexible multibody systems
  • Sigrid Leyendecker: Geometric modelling, integration and optimal control of flexible multibody dynamics

Furthermore, three PIs present contributed papers based on their recent work:

  • Martin Arnold: Half-explicit Runge-Kutta methods for constrained systems on Lie groups
  • Juliano Todesco; Olivier Brüls: On the accurate evaluation and differentiation of the exponential map in flexible multibody dynamics
  • Joachim Linn; Fabio Schneider-Jung; Michael Roller; Tomas Hermansson: Impact of shear and extensional stiffness on equilibrium configurations of elastic Cosserat rods

A large number of papers was co-authored by members of the THREAD network illustrating the wide range of topics covered by our research:

  • Benjamin Bauer; Armin Bosten; Muhannad Hawwash; Olivier Brüls; Joachim Linn: Physical validation of simulation tools for slender elastic structures
  • Armin Bosten; Alejandro Cosimo; Joachim Linn; Olivier Brüls: Numerical treatment of nonsmooth frictional beam-to-beam contact
  • Niklas Fahse; Monika Harant; Michael Roller; Fabian Kempter; Marius Obentheuer; Joachim Linn; Jörg Fehr: Towards learning human-seat interactions for optimally controlled multibody models to generate realistic occupant motion
  • Monika Harant; Marius Obentheuer; Michael Roller; Joachim Linn: Simulation of a standing passenger during driveaway using optimal control
  • Muhannad Hawwash; Vanessa Dörlich; Joachim Linn: Bending and torsion of twisted cable strands accounting for the effect of friction
  • Simon Heinrich; Birte Coppers; Anna-Maria Liphardt; Sigrid Leyendecker: Inclusion of optical marker position data in optimal control simulations of a rigid body model of the human hand
  • Peter Manzl; Martin Sereinig; Johannes Gerstmayr: Improved modeling of Mecanum wheels for mobile platforms
  • Marius Obentheuer; Niklas Fahse; Monika Harant; Michael Kleer; René Reinhard; Michael Roller; Joachim Linn; Fabian Kempter; Jörg Fehr: EMMA4Drive: A digital human model for occupant simulation in dynamic driving maneuvers
  • Michael Pieber; Johannes Gerstmayr: Kinematic design of tetrahedral cells for programmable matter
  • Oleg Rogov; Peter Manzl; Johannes Gerstmayr; Grzegorz Orzechowski: Reinforcement learning methods for multibody systems evaluated with controlled multi-link inverted pendulum on the cart
  • Michael Roller; Fabio Schneider-Jung; Joachim Linn: Flexible mounting elements for Cosserat rods
  • Eliana Sanchez; Alberto Cardona; Alejandro Cosimo; Olivier Brüls; Federico Cavalieri: Simulation of spherical rigid bodies subject to friction with multiple impacts
  • Pedro Urda; Miguel Rodríguez; Sergio Muñoz; José L. Escalona: Development of a real-time on-board system for the measurement of track irregularities
  • Xinxin Yu; Sergio Muñoz; Pedro Urda; José L. Escalona: Detection of rail corrugation using axle box acceleration measurement and signal processing
  • Tian Zhao; Fabio Schneider-Jung; Joachim Linn; Ralf Müller: Identification of nonlinear elastic bending behavior for cable simulation